The second trailer for Priest gives us our best look so far at the vampire creatures as well as the story. Painting it less as apocalyptic and more sci-fi it’s hard to say how viewers will respond. At this point we at TMP are willing to say it looks interesting. The story is about a Priest (who in this world are bad ass fighters) who battles mutant vampires in order to rescue a family member. Priest will hit theaters May 13th 2011
Video Rating: 4 / 5

CLICK HERE: Check out the trailer for Tower Heist, In Time, Contagion and Haywire right here on Trailer Run, all which hit theaters in 2011! Host Grace Randolph not only shows you the trailer, but gives you the inside track on how each of these movies – Tower Heist, In Time, Contagion and Haywire – and how they are star studded spectaculars! Hope you enjoy these movie trailers for Tower Heist, In Time, Contagion and Haywire on this new leanback show Trailer Run from Beyond The Trailer!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

51xaAcJkWAL. SL75  Priest Trailer #2 (2011)   HDHappiness Is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown
Linus is pushed to his limits when he learns grandma is coming to visit and plans on ridding him of his childish security blanket….
51ZBZ7ZM9RL. SL75  Priest Trailer #2 (2011)   HDNFL Films – The Green Bay Packers – The Complete History
*History of the Green Bay Packers explores the rich and mythical story of this proud franchise, from its founding days in the Gree…
51kKfP%2BTruL. SL75  Priest Trailer #2 (2011)   HDThe Smurfs Dance Party
The Smurfs are back in an all new dancing video game, based on the best-selling Wii games, Just Dance & Just Dance 2. Kids and pa…
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