Prince made an entrance fit for a Queen on ABC’s The View on Thursday.

With zero warning, the music legend nonchalantly walked onto the Hot Topics segment of the morning gabfest, completely blindsiding three of the five co-hosts and the entire studio audience.

After everyone calmed down, Whoopi Goldberg revealed that Prince called her several days ago wanting to promote his upcoming concert tour at Madison Square Garden, but asked the co-host to keep the appearance under her dreds. Goldberg said she had to tell her producer and co-host Barbara Walters this morning – but Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd were just as thrown for a loop as the audience by the sudden appearance of pop royalty.

Prince handed out tickets to his Dec. 18th concert at MSG to each of the hosts, then sat between Elisabeth and a starstruck Sherri to talk about the shows. After drooling for much of the segment, Sherri confessed that she’s wanted to take a roll in the hay with the singer/guitarist since the ’80s.

Which, of course, shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Sherri wants her corn shucked by any man whose “soldier will salute.” Perhaps talking about shagging strangers on national television isn’t the brightest idea for a woman with a background of casual sex and even more casual abortions. Homegirl’s had more nuts than Planters…

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