Ok guys! This might not be a fresh one but it’s the one roaring all over the place, the news of Prince William,27, Set to Propose to Kate Middleton,28, Is that so?

There have been talks about their engagement this November. Also there has been news from various sources, on Tuesday, that the dates June 3 and 4, being arranged for some ceremony regarding the announcement about the same.

Though it isn’t possible to guess about the future arrangements there were reports, on Wednesday, about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh’s official visit to Plymouth, southwest England, around the same days.

The prince turns 28 this June, and shall be on a training course in Wales, by that time. And that’s when the plans of engagement shall be “announced”. With all these news on CNN and all other newsvendors all over U.K., things are sure enough.

Though it may seem so, yet it’s not advisable to comment just on speculation, ‘cause there are there are many resources that declined any such issue. So right now all we have is the wavering news about William and Kate’s engagement, and some encircled dates on the calendar.

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