Princess Beatrice has put her shoes on for the training before the start of the London Marathon as she is planning to take part in the annual race.

The 21-year old princess was found running with her fellow team before the Sunday’s event. She did some last moment practice before attempting to run 26 miles being a part of a 30 strong human chain.

Beatrice and her team are running head to head with Virgin boss Richard Branson whose company is sponsoring the marathon with a purpose of earning a lot of money for charities. The billionaire is heading for a group of celebrities like Natalie Imbruglia and Jenni Falconer. Sam told the Daily Mail that they have a sportsman’s bet to win against his team although not sure of the win. Sometimes the Australian beauty Natalie is made to get ready by model Sam before the start of the day.

They both have also linked up in the past and Sam had also made an appearance in the star’s video once. Richard has not organized any training sessions and due to this Natalie finds it tough to run..!!

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