So we’re a few days late on this adorable little video clip, but hey, better late than never! Long story short: Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue is dedicated to reunions of all kinds, and one of their best picks was the classic 1987 adventure movie The Princess Bride. Gathered together for a video shoot (and interview) were actors Cary “Westley” Elwes, Robin “Buttercup” Wright, Billy “Miracle Max” Crystal, Carol “Valerie” Kane, Wallace “Vizzini” Shawn, and Chris “Humperdinck” Sarandon.

My only complaints about this video clip? A) We’re missing the late, great Andre the Giant and Peter Falk, B) there’s no trace of Mandy Patinkin or Fred Savage or Christopher Guest, and C) it should have been an hour longer. Enjoy!

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed and Good Morning America!)

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