Aag was a film that became famous for being so flop that it was later touted as Ramu ki Aag after its filmmaker. Now the Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma says that his Aag has become benchmark for the flop films. He jokingly says that now flop film Raavan should be titled as Raavan ki Aag. He wrote in a social networking site, “For Tashan they said its Aditya ki Aag. For Chandni Chowk… they said Akshay ki Aag. For Kites they said ‘Hrithik ki Aag’ and now its ‘Mani ki Aag’. Let’s all hope and pray that ‘Ra 1’ does not become ‘SRK ki AAG’.”

In his blog Ramu says, “I want to remake ‘Raavan’ and I want to request Mani to remake ‘Aag’.” But on second thought, he changed the plan. “I got a better idea, I will make ‘My name is Raavan’ and Mani should make ‘Raavan ki Kurbaan’,” there by taking a dig at Karan Johar’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ and ‘Kurbaan’’

On this comment Karan that this amazing sense of humor does not show in films of Ramu. In reply of it, Ramu says that he has received such harsh reviews of his films that he has lost sense of humor.

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