Rachel Zoe Shoes

Stylist turned TV star turned new mom, Rachel Zoe, has a love-hate relationship with heels.

“I used to live in New York, so I ran all over from place to place just like everybody else,” she tells Daily Front Row. “I was dashing to an appointment somewhere, the sidewalk was raised, and it caught my shoe. The heel just snapped right off.”

That said, her passion for fancy footwear outweighs any residual trauma. “The shoes I first coveted were when Tom Ford was designing for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent,” she recalls with nostalgia. “I don’t think I even wore them. I just wanted to look at them. I mean, they basically are art.

Not that it hurts to have friends in high places. “Brian [Atwood] is just the most deliciously kind person,” she gushes of her designer pal, whom she recently lauded for the launch of celeb-adored collection, B Brian Atwood. “It’s weird how much I love him. I like to say that we’re soulmates.”

And in case you were wondering: shoe game is most definitely hereditary. “I’m venturing to say around 30 pairs,” she divulges of 9-month old son Skyler’s budding collection. “It’s under 100 pairs, for sure.”

Justine Harman


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