“The Starwhackers” are headed to a bookseller’s shelf near you!

Hotel-hoppin’ twosome Randy and Evi Quaid are looking for a ghostwriter to translate their — Er…shall we say unique? — story to the written word.

The actor, best known as Uncle Eddie in The National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, and his troubled wife Evi have spent much of the year dodging legal proceedings over allegations that they skipped out on a five-figure hotel bill at a California inn. The Quaids have since settled that case and taken up refuge in Canada, but they’re still wanted on felony trespassing charges after they allegedly broke into a home the owned more than a decade ago.

Randy and Evi insists they aren’t thieves or scam artists….They’re just the latest targets of an Illuminati-esque group of celebrity killers, otherwise known as “The Starwhackers.” The Quaids promise to blow the lid off of the deaths of Hollywood staples such as Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Michael Jackson — which Randy and Evi attribute to “The Whackers.”

Did we forget to mention that they also swear they’re not crazy or on drugs?

“The hunt for a writer to work with the Quaids is happening right now. No one expects them to have any problems getting a publisher. The book is going to be wild, that’s for sure. They’ve got a lot to say and they’re not going to hold back. At the very least it’s going to be very entertaining.”

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