Best Picture Contenders

Awards season is in full swing and that means the Academy Award prediction pieces are pouring in. Gravity and 12 Years a Slave seem to be the most probable top contenders, but as Argo proved last year, things could shift. Sure, only three films had secured Best Picture wins without receiving Best Director nods, but that didn’t stop Argo from taking top honors at the 2013 ceremony. Could we be in for another surprise win this time around or will the Oscar go to the frontrunner? You tell us!

We want to know what film you think will come out on top and thanks to the fine folks at, now you can. Simply use the voting widget below to tell us which 2013 releases you think could take the top honor and which ones won’t have a shot. The betting odds are bound to change as certain entries make their way into theaters and as this entire list of features plows through the start of the season, so feel free to alter your votes as we approach the Academy Award nominee announcement on January 16, 2014.

Until then, happy ranking.’s Best Picture 2013 Predictions



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