Kate Middleton was internationally humiliated when her topless pictures were published, as the demure Duchess has cultivated a squeaky clean image , but her cousin has no problem posing for risqué pictures and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the sexy snaps from her latest grab for attention.

With a name straight out of Peter Pan, Katrina Darling, is a distant relation to the future Queen of England, but she’s just as photogenic as Prince George’s mum.

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The British Burlesque dancer showed off her multiple tattoos and robust figure in a new spread for Inked magazine.

“The great thing about burlesque is that it’s stripping but with the theatrics of things like ballet, magic, and aerial, and it has an element of comedy,” says the dancer who deals with her royal kin by stripping to God Save the Queen.

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Despite never having met Kate or Prince William, Katrina brags that she’s well known in royal circles.

“I have performed for everybody from plumbers to princes,” she told Inked.

Check out the racy images from Katrina Darling’s Inked magazine photo shoot here on radio detection and rangingOnline.com.

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