NBC’s hit talent show The Voice is coming under fire Friday, as a new report illustrates the one-sidedness of the contracts contestants must sign for a chance at musical fame via national TV, including stipulations that enable the show virtually total control of the talent pool, regardless of the supposed democratic format.

According to a new report from the NY Daily News, the show’s contract essentially says producers can cut anyone; bend or break rules at their discretion; script winners; send the singing hopefuls for medical or psychological tests; and broadcasting the results if they choose to.

After examining the 32-page pact, a legal expert told the paper that “the second clause of this document says to contestants, ‘F*** you,’ and if you missed it, the clauses that follow say, ‘F*** you.’”

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Worse, wanna-be crooners potentially put their dignity on the dotted line when they sign, as the pact contains a clause that informs contestants their time on the nationally broadcast prime time program “may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing (and) may expose [them] to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation;” or could “portray [them] in a false light.”

The furor came to light after the Twitter account @OfficialTVC leaked the contract to show the public that it’s “unfair and dehumanizing for the contestants.”

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Instances which might directly to in to the aforementioned information include when contestant Judith Hill was shockingly shown the door last season; and an instance in May, where the show’s organizers said they’d botched thousands of votes cast via online and social media outlets.

One behind-the-scenes insider told the paper that the show’s results have never been “manipulated,” as “NBC and ‘The Voice’ producers take the fairness and integrity of this competition far too seriously.”

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An NBC spokesperson echoed similar sentiments to the paper, saying that “the integrity of our competition shows, including ‘The Voice,’ is of the utmost importance to NBC.”

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