Real or Movie Viral: The Ridiculously Over-the-Top Website for Aspiring Actor

Upon first clicking onto Xan Spencer’s website, we’re greeted by a miniature version of the aspiring actor just hanging around, itching to give us a tour of his website. As he runs and flips around the screen, eventually settling down below into a nice chair to mumble out something about loving movies, we begin to wonder what, exactly, this guy is up to. His actor reel is comprised of one dizzying extended clip of the most moronic, straight-out-of-the-mid-80s fight scene you’ve ever watched, and nowhere on the site does he list any credits. When you click around to his resume, it links to an IMDB Pro page for some odd reason, instead of a public page that everyone can see. Not sure why unless he doesn’t want you to know that he doesn’t have any credits.

Further digging around his site takes you to a Favorite Quotes page that is filled with quotes from Will Smith (is this Men in Black III viral?), Thomas Edison and even Xan himself. Yes, Xan put one of his own quotes on his Favorite Quotes page. The quote? “Criticize me if you must, but it’s better to have a path full of mistakes that you can correct and learn from, therefore bettering yourself and your surroundings, then to have no path at all.” Little clunky, but it makes sense.

So who is Xan Spencer? If he’s an up-and-coming actor looking to get recognized, then welcome to your 15 minutes of internet fame, Xan. And if it’s viral for some upcoming movie (perhaps one starring Will Smith), then we’re pretty curious to see where it goes next. Check out the full website right here and let us know what you think: real or movie viral.

[via Buzzfeed]

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