After the confusing prequel-ness of last weekend’s The Thing remake, Real Steel’s Shawn Levy is ready to tackle his next big project and — you guessed it — it’s a prequel. The Three Misfortunes of Geppetto by Michael Vukadinovich has been picked up by Fox, and Levy is now directing the “fresh way into the Pinocchio story.” No, this isn’t the same film as that live-action Pinocchio project being developed by Warner Bros. and written by Bryan Fuller. 
Deadline is reporting that the prequel surrounds the titular Geppetto and his quest to be with his true love, Julia Moon. Levy’s film is being compared to Big Fish and The Princess Bride. Pinocchio, of course, is the wooden marionette created by Geppetto who wanted to become a real boy. His nose would grow when he told lies. The 1883 story by Carlo Collodi is actually quite dark. In the book, Pinocchio’s feet are burned off at one point, he’s hung from a tree, and the puppet is prone to biting people and being violent. 

Levy’s also going to be working on Max Landis’ Frankenstein with Fox, which makes two films for the studio based on classic tales. With a Pinocchio project in the works with Warner Bros. and an animated version from the always-busy Guillermo del Toro, how much Pinocchio do we really need?

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