23 thoughts on “Red trailer (2010)

  1. 0:00 – 0:11: Eh, boring.
    0:12: Oh hey, Bruce Willis
    0:13 – 0:20: Ugh, retirement, typical post mid-life crisis ordeal, old people; not my thing. Going to close this no-
    0:23: Hellen Mirren firing a M2 . . . Oh shi-

    This is nice and all but don’t you think that there’s too much of the same action movie being released around these months? I mean, don ‘t tell me that this doesn’t remind you of the losers, the A-team and the expendables – a group does some work and their employer[s] betray them.

  2. @xrockthe40ozx It’s like somebody deciding to make a Batman movie and then “expanding” it to become the JLA movie – except that in the original RED, in the world of the story, the main character does not have peers.

  3. @spriggan013 The fact that HBO folded on Preacher will probably piss me off until the day I die.

  4. Does anyone know what song is playing in this trailer during the action scenes? It starts at about 1:15 min into it. Any help would be appreciated guys!

  5. Central Intelligence Agency. Doesn’t exactly sound like they’re supposed to have guns and assassinate US Citizens. Sounds like a desk job if you ask me.

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