The From Dusk Till Dawn TV show is facing more obstacles than most regular productions. Not only does it have to figure out how to turn the plot of a 108-minute-long movie about scumbag criminals crossing path with a nest of vampires into an ongoing TV series, but the movie in question is a classic loved by those of us who grew up on genre films in the ’90s. And, on top of that, many of the people involved with the original From Dusk Till Dawn went on to have huge careers, which automatically leaves big shoes to fill.

All of this is our way of saying that the first trailer has hit for the Robert Rodriguez-produced From Dusk Till Dawn series, and we’re deciding to remain cautiously optimistic despite it not being the greatest trailer we’ve ever seen. The budget is smaller, the plot isn’t as immediately clear (unless you’ve seen the original and know what’s going on), and we certainly don’t envy D.J. Cotrona having to deliver the exact same lines George Clooney once did. 

Still, even with its obstacles, this looks like a potentially fun series, especially in the latter half of the trailer when Wilmer Vaderrama is getting a little funky, and the show almost has a bit of an American Horror Story vibe going on. Check it out. And if you have the El Rey network, you can see it on March 11.


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