One year has passed and they are still together, moreover, their relationship is becoming even stringer.

It happened last March when Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes first made headlines to step out together. This March they decided to have vocations in Mexico. They spent their time together with their family.

The singer and the CSI came from Miami to Mexico on March 12 by means of private jet. They went there along with Cibrian’s two young sons, Mason who is 6 and 2-year-old Jake. According to sources, they spent a great time vacationing with sons’ of Eddie. They were seen at the beach where they spent some fun time together. LeAnn played with boys in the sand and looked great.

But the couple who had holidays in Mexico together last year also found time for each other. In fact, Eddie and LeAvv had a friend who helped them with the boys in order they could spend some time together over margaritas.

Cibriab who is 36 year old split in July with model Brandi Glanville. 27 year old Rimes decided to separate from songwriter Dean Sheremet. Moreover, both couples filed for divorce.

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