Hey Alex Lambert, are you spending the night behind the local Tastee-Freez or aren’t you?!

A rep for the aspiring singer has cast doubt on the former American Idol contestant’s claims alleging that he is homeless and sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles.

Lambert, a Season 9 Idol semi-finalist, shocked his fans on Twitter Tuesday when he posted a message claiming to be homeless.

“O my goodness yall! I have been crashin behind buidings and sleepin outside but I dont want nobody to feel sorry for me!” Alex Tweeted. “I know a lot of people think I tweeted my living situation for publicity! But I don’t give a damn about fame! I dont give a damn about money either! I have never had any and I’ve been just fine! The money that I was makin and have made I have sent home for my Mother and my 3 broke ass brothers sleepin on the ground!” he added.

However, a rep for Lambert’s management company, 19 Entertainment, shot down the vagrancy claim, releasing a statement Wednesday that refuted reports that the 20-year-old Texas native is “homeless.”

“He’s on a retainer, and he’s getting money every month. He’s working on demos. He’s with writers, he’s working on music…He’s not homeless. How could he be texting? How could he be going into recording studio and sleeping on the streets? There’s no record deal yet, but hopefully these demos something could come from that.”

After that statement, Lambert Tweeted his sympathy-inducing Tweets, writing: “I’ve had so much help out here in LA! I just want oto [sic] do things on my own! I have places to stay I just don’t want to be a burden on anyone!”

In addition to working on new music, the singer-songwriter was recently featured in Idol creator Simon Fuller’s Web reality series If I Can Dream.

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