REPORT: Mother Of Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Is Married To Another Man!

By radio detection and ranging Staff

It’s the heartbreaking case that has gripped the nation and now can add another twist to the story of missing baby Lisa Irwin.

Her mom Deborah Bradley is married to another man, despite claiming she is engaged to the missing tot’s father, reports the UK’s Daily Mail.

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Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have made no secret of their engagement mentioning it several times while being interviewed about their missing 10-month-old daughter.

But their wedding will have to wait. Deborah is still married to Sean Bradley, with whom she has a son Michael, 6, a relative of Sean’s told the paper.

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Deborah separated from Sean four years ago, but they never divorced.

He is now away serving in the Army, and the relative called Deborah a “good person” not capable of hurting her child.

Little Lisa went missing from her crib in her Kansas City home last Tuesday.

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The police have said they so far have no viable leads.


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Parents Of Missing Baby Lisa No Longer Talking To Cops

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