Barcelona-based architect and film nerd Federico Babina created a series of artworks that depict the interiors of famous films with a fun retro style. “The idea is to represent a film set as if it were a doll’s house where we can start to play with the imagination together with the movie’s characters,” Babina told website Co.Design.

The layouts are presented as pseudo blueprints, revealing the iconic design details of each movie. The Bond bachelor pad is represented for Goldfinger, and we also get a look at Kubrick’s The Shining — complete with shadowy twin figures, hypnotic carpet pattern, undead bartender, Danny, and creepy elevator doors. The neon Star Wars layout is full of fun bleep-bloop control panels and more.

Check out these great designs, then head to the artist’s website for more. You can also buy your own print there, which we recommend if you want to impress your friends with your mad movie-design skillz.



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