revenge-duress-abc.jpgThe fact that we had to wait almost an entire month between episodes of “Revenge” was bad enough. But the worst part about one of fall’s best new dramas taking its long winter hiatus was the fact that the preview for the next new episode was so epically good we could barely contain our excitement for a week, let alone a month.

In the preview, the Grayson family, Emily and Ashley sit rigid in their chairs during a beachside dinner party while Tyler points a gun at them. Now, we can actually see the full scene in question, because ABC has posted the first nine minutes of the next new episode, “Duress,” online.

The scene is just as chilling in context, as “Moonlight Sonata” soundtracks Tyler’s slow-mo gun-pointing before flashing back to the days before Daniel’s birthday party. Check it out below — hopefully it’ll tide you over until next week.

And don’t worry, Emily/Amanda will be back to revenge-ing in no time. “Revenge” returns to ABC on Jan. 4, 2012.

Photo/Video credit: ABC

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