Ridley Scott Prometheus

Ridley Scott may be 74 years old, but the filmmaker isn’t even contemplating retirement. At a time when most people his age are golfing, writing angry letters to the newspaper about kids and their loud music, and scoping out the best early-bird buffet specials, Scott is lining up projects left and right. Today’s news adds yet another to the list.

According to a recently published THR story, Scott will team with writer Steve Zaillian to produce an updated version of the 2003 docu-drama The Day Britain Stopped for Fox.

The original BBC program focused on a fictional disaster that brought the country to its knees – one that began with something as simple as a train workers strike.

Scott and Zaillian’s updated take on the material won’t be a remake according to sources, but will instead be inspired by the original project.

The duo is currently looking for a writer to pen the screenplay for the film. Scott and Zaillian previously collaborated on American Gangster

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