It is known to us that during The Lion King performance on Broadway Shannon Tavarez’s legs started to hurt all of a sudden. It was so difficult for her even to walk, we are not speaking about dancing. It was diagnosticated in April that the 11-year-old star suffered from a terrible disease: leukemia in an acute form.

Shannon Tavarez got totally shocked when she learned that devastating news.

But the girl was not left alone with her grief. Rihanna and Alicia Keys who also became young stars came to the decision to help Tavarez because she needed a transplant of a bone marrow in order to survive.

Keys went to the Long Island hospital where Tavarez gets chemotherapy treatments every day on July 2. She reveals to PEOPLE that she was touched because the girl is fighting with death. That is why this mom-to-be encourages her fans to become donors.

Alicia Keys believes that Shannon Tavarez and all other little patients who suffer from cancer will manage to become adults and implement their dreams into reality.

Rihanna says to PEOPLE that Shannon is confined to her bed at the moment in stead of performing on Broadway. And the star urged all her fans to come to the girl’s rescue.

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