Prosecutors in Connecticut have dropped a burglary charge against actor Rip Torn, clearing the way for the 79-year-old Emmy winner to seek a special probation provision that might settle charges filed against him after he broke into a bank, drunk and carrying a loaded gun, last January.

Rip Thorn Mugshot Rip Torn Escapes Burglary Charge

But Rip’s legal troubles aren’t behind him yet. The troubled star is still facing charges of criminal trespass, carrying a weapon while intoxicated, carrying a weapon without a permit and criminal mischief. He has entered a plea of not gulity, and on Tuesday, Rip applied for accelerated rehabilitation. The program allows charges to be dropped after a probationary period for first time non-violent offenders.

Rip, who played Chief Zed in the 1997 film Men in Black, has long struggled with a battle against the bottle but completed an alcohol rehabilitation program. He remains in outpatient treatment, including Alcoholics Anonymous, and has gotten rid of all his weapons, according to his lawyer, A. Thomas Waterfall.

Prosecutors will argue against the application at a hearing on Aug. 11, Litchfield State’s Attorney David Shepack said during today’s hearing. Despite opposing the special probation request, Shepack said dropping the burglary charge was appropriate because nothing indicated Torn intended to burgle the Salisbury bank when he inadvertently broke in, thinking it was his own nearby home.

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