Because of his latest film, “Water For Elephants,” Robert Pattinson cut his hair. Moreover, the star said that he prefers his shorter hair. With the new hair he feels much better, more agile.

In fact, it does not really matter whether it is a new hair or not, but still he is provided with a chance to showcase the agility in the final part of “Breaking Dawn,” in which Bella ( Kristen Stewart) and Edward marry as well as consummate their relationship.

Actually, the actor is looking forward to the pillow-biting scene that seems to Pattison was fun.  Although Kristen and Rom are able to look forward to get physical in “Breaking Dawn,” in “Eclipse,” still Taylor Lautner who has a nude scene that seems is not so fun.

It was explained by Rob that Taylor was outside and it was very cold and raining as well. He said there and trembled on the floor. Pattison had one line in that scene.

Despite the fact that that Robert is quite serious on screen, still the British actor is a funnyman when being off camera. He admitted that it would be too nerve-wracking to try his comedy as a potential host of “Saturday Night Live.”

Actually, it would be a kind of risk for the star to be funny. He realizes that it is impossible to be a comedian. It is necessary to be genius in order to think about such stuff.

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