Is it really a coincidence that Brandi Glanville‘s legal drama with Eddie Cibrian flared up again right as she began promoting her new book? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star doesn’t think so. She took to Twitter on Friday to blast“a certain someone” who she says is hell-bent on distracting from the big news of her book launch.

“I think a certain someone is trying to take press away from my NYT best-selling new book,” Glanville wrote on Friday, two days after her book, Drinking & Dating, landed on the New York Times bestseller list — and amid her new revelation that her ex had sent her a legal letter demanding she repay him alimony.

Glanville continued, “I would like to get talking about the book again & not let a certain someone win …”

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On Thursday, she had been singing the same tune, tweeting, “Every time I have a book come out, someone pulls shady sh*t to make it not about my book …”

Indeed, in Drinking & Dating, Glanville claims that the launch of her last book, Drinking & Tweeting, was tarnished when someone leaked rumors that Glanville had cheated on Cibrian — just as the book was being published.

“Who on earth could have anything to gain by leaking false information about an alleged affair seven days before the tell-all book about my philandering ex and his mistress hit bookstores?” she writes in her new tome. “Hmmm. You tell me.”

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Could Glanville’s arch-nemesis LeAnn Rimes be behind the new drama? Or her ex, Cibrian? Or maybe Glanville stirred it up herself, as Cibrian’s reps have claimed? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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