• ‘The Lion King’

    “This list could be completely made up of Disney films, but for me, the one that stands out as especially horrific is Mufasa’s death in ‘The Lion King.’ My father died when I was only two, so I’ve always been sensitive to stories about fathers who pass away. I was an 18-year-old kids’ camp counselor when I saw ‘The Lion King,’ and when Mufasa was trampled after saving Simba, I cried more than the little kids in my cabin!” – Sandie Angulo Chen

  • ‘Finding Nemo’

    “I know a little girl who saw Nemo when she was 2. She was so traumatized that she couldn’t go near a pool, lake, ocean or fish tank – or see a picture of a scuba diver, mask or goggles – for well over a year.” – Megan Wilson, Washington D.C.

  • ‘I Am Legend’

    “When he had to kill the dog, I was done. I’m not a horror film person anyway – but I had nightmares for weeks. The thought of the only thing that he had left to love and love him, and being forced to kill it – DONE. It’s the struggle that every pet lover goes through – knowing that you will ultimately have to make that decision for another living creature because it’s the loving thing to do. Broke my heart recently when I went through it with the cat love of my life.” –Sara Parets, Florida

  • ‘Fatal Attraction’

    “After watching Fatal Attraction (and reading The Stand), both as a high school student, we will never. own. a. rabbit. Scarred for life.” – Jessica McFadden, Silver Spring, Maryland

  • ‘The Neverending Story’

    “Hands down saddest animal death in a movie for me: Artax the horse from ‘The Neverending Story.’ Maybe it was traumatic because I was a kid when I saw it, but just like our friend Bastian, I was wholly absorbed in the adventures of Arteyu, Artax, and the Neverending Story. Atreyu tried so hard to pull his horse out of the Swamp of Sadness… And the horse was so sad, he just wouldn’t budge. Then Atreyu is left to dwell in even MORE sadness and depression. AH. My poor little heart. It was devastating. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried… And that it still gets to me watching that scene!” — Brittany Scramuzzo

  • ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’

    “Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows are banned in this house. My daughter Riley had a breakdown after watching ‘Hachi.’ She just can not handle the death of any animal.” – Hallie Berkowitz, South Beach, Oregon

  • ‘Born Free’

    “I am dating myself, but when I was about 7, way back in the 70s, my family popped some popcorn and settled down to watch ‘Born Free.’ All I remember is the song and the unbearable sadness, manifested by what seems like days on end of sobbing, because Elsa, the lion, died. I’ve gone back to read about ‘Born Free,’ though, and nowhere does it say that Elsa dies, so perhaps I cried because her owners had to release her to the wild and say goodbye? I don’t know, but I was traumatized.” –Marie DeLean, Winnetka, Illinois

  • ‘Bambi’

    “When I was little I was traumatized by ‘Bambi.’ My grandpa/dad/uncles had a deer processing business. When we went to pick up my dad one weekend I walked in to se a deer strung up on the rack. My uncle said. “Hey Abbie it’s Bambi’s mom!” I’m quite certain I didn’t speak to my dad for months thinking HE was the hunter that killed Bambi’s mom… to this day I think he was the hunter… good to get that off my chest!” – Abbie Hartge, Groton, Connecticut

  • ‘Old Yeller’

    “In 7th grade, we read ‘Old Yeller’ and then watched the movie. I was sobbing at the end, and trying to hide it, and had to go to my next class looking a total mess.” –Susan Hopson, Leesburg, Virginia

  • ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’

    “Where the Red Fern Grows (admittedly the book, not the movie), any time I saw a dog after reading that I’d start to cry. Hell, 25 years later, if I think about that book I still tear up a little. My son read it a couple years ago for school, and he came into my bedroom absolutely bawling.” –Delora Parks, Fairfax, Virginia

  • ‘My Dog Skip’

    “I still can’t watch that movie without crying a very very ugly cry. My beloved Jack Russell terrier, Phoebe, could be infuriating, but she was just like Skip and I still miss her, nearly 10 years after her untimely-but-very-JRT-like death.” –Sarah Null, Raleigh, North Carolina

  • ‘Dances With Wolves’

    “I pretty much cry every time I watch ‘Dances with Wolves.’ Watching it for the first time with my now husband when we were engaged 14 years ago he asked me what the heck was the matter. I sobbed: ‘They shot Two Socks.'” –Brooks Scoville, Silver Spring, Maryland

  • ‘J.T.’

    “I remember seeing a movie in kindergarten about a boy who lived in the projects and secretly adopted a pet. The cat was the only good thing in his life, and then it died. I still feel sad about it.” – Eve Weisberg, Silver Spring, Maryland

  • ‘Marley and Me’

    “Marley and Me was the first movie I cried in. To make matters worse, my uncle had to put his dog to sleep like five day later. I think he cried more than me.” –Daniel Pritchard, Plant City, Florida

  • ‘Game of Thrones’

    “It’s not a movie but… Most recently watching Game of Thrones (season one) when Ned kills Lady because Joffrey is a spoiled brat and wants to save face about being scared of the direwolf. Lady wasn’t even the one that “attacked” him it was Nymeria but he wanted a death and he got one. CROCK OF CRAP. Game of Thrones is a great show but the animal deaths alone might break me.” – Kristina Viator, Louisiana

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