Samsung Wave is one of the few new smartphones in the market, which are making news for their stunning features. Such new devices influence especially the South Asian markets.

A great feature of Samsung Wave is that it runs on the operating systems that Samsung has designed and this system is known as Bada. This system provides an open platform for Samsung cell phone users, implying that they can download the application from Samsung Apps. Social networking, software, games and many more are lots of free services available to the consumers through the system. Another feature is that the system is open to the developers who need to ensure configuration as per their new requirements. This way they are capable of creating their own application designs.

The phone comes with widgets like weather report, personal scheduler, colander, stock market reports, sports updates etc. These can benefit the consumers in many ways. The CPU of the cell phone consists of a processing speed of 1 Giga Hertz and it is an excellent gaming and multi tasking for the users. High Definition videos are another feature for the users. The phone has a camera with a power of 5 megapixel.

Other features that make the smartphone more useful for the consumers include auto focusing, face detection, and smile detection, beauty shot, geo-tapping and an in-built image editor.

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