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Appearing in the faux B.E.T. show within the show, What Up With That? Christmas Spectacular, Samuel L. Jackson spoofed himself — and then some — on Saturday Night Live.

Jackson was appearing on ‘What Up’ to promote his charitable foundation but ‘host’ Kenan Thompson kept interrupting him with musical numbers.

“Don’t you dare cut me off! F**k!”Jackson, playing a pitch perfect caricature of himself, finally yelled.

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The camera immediately went to the fabulous Thompson, who almost lost it.  “Come on Sam, that costs money,” he laughed, a reference to a possible FCC fine.

NBC has since muted the offending word, but Jackson is having fun with it. “I only said FUH not F–K! K was sposed to cut off da BULLSHIT, blew it!!” he tweeted after the show.

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Either way, you can watch it here!


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