It was the second time Sandra Bullock appeared before the public. She looked radiant. Sunday night the actress got the Generation Award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. It has become the first televised appearance since the March 7 Oscars as well as domestic problems that followed her.

Actually, the Generation Award is received by “old people” who are going to make way to younger ones. But that does not mean that the actress is going to leave. Sandra cleared everything that she is going to stay as she loves her job. She is not going anywhere.

Sandra Bullock was introduced by Betty White, Scarlett Jojansson and Bradeley Cooper. She received a standing ovation that was followed by long applause.

When the actress got up to the microphone, she said that her presence was a bit weird and she could not understand what she was doing their. Johansson explained her that she was there for her husband, i.e. the costar of The Proposal Ryan Reynolds who did not manage to attend the event. It was also noted by Johansson that Reynolds and Bullock should have become the winners of the MTV Award for Best Kiss as their kiss was sweet

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