We’re suckers for a great love story, so this short film created by the folks behind the Lost Letter Project caught our attention on Open Culture. A letter from a Lt. Joseph O. Matthews was delivered to Abbi Jacobson’s apartment nearly 70 years after it was sent. The envelope was addressed to Mrs. Joseph O. Matthews, and Jacobson’s imagination started to reel.

The letter appeared to be a note the young soldier sent to his wife, who was living in New York City, just before he shipped off to Okinawa. Intent on delivering the letter to either of the Matthews, she did some research. She discovered that Mr. Matthews passed away in 1999, and his wife died in 2001. Hoping to deliver the letter to someone in the Matthews family, she turned to the Internet for help, and the Lost Letter Project was born.

Jacobson’s friend, documentary filmmaker Todd Bieber, captured the whole thing on video. Finally, the family was located, and the friends set off to meet Matthews’ son and daughter with letter in hand. They made some interesting discoveries after sitting down with the family, all captured in this 10-minute movie.


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