Michael Douglas’s son has been sentenced to prison for 5 years after he was found taking heroin and large amounts of other drugs outside a hotel room.

Cameron Douglas was found guilty of the charges in January last year and was arrested outside a hotel in Manhattan.

Douglas had even apologized in the court for his addiction to the drugs. Michael had written a letter to the federal judge pleading for some leniency upon his son and told him in the letter that his son has battled with the drugs early at the age of 13 due to their family’s fame and the history of substance abuse. Now he does not want to see his son shattered due to the punishment for his offence.

Michael, son of actor Kirk Douglas feels that it’s hard to carry on with the two separate generations.

In a separate letter, Michael’s wife Catherine Zeta Jones had also lent some support through the words. She wrote that she has never seen any signs of the disease on Cameron and he has never abused his family.

Michael was available at the time of hearing on Tuesday but Catherine was not.

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