It is striking that Serena Williams has managed to outshine Venus, her elder sister, in some issues concerning the numbers.

Serena reveals that despite her sister’s impressing achievements – a No. 1 world ranking on women tennis’ champions list of the greatest sportswomen, 27 grand slam titles, Venus has not managed to get one thing that she has always dreamt of.

Serena Williams boasts to Harper’s Bazaar that she has a super curvy body. Her boobs are big and her butt is massive. On the contrary, her sister is like a tall thin model, who can easily fit everything.

The girl recollects that when she was a child she wanted to be and look like Venus. That is why she was always putting on her sister’s clothes. However, she wasn’t able to do it one day. She turned 23 when she finally got aware that Venus and she were two absolutely different people.

But these days the 28-year-old tennis star proudly states in her interview to PEOPLE that her previous envy has disappeared. She adds that when something is different, it is really good. It is funny for the girl that once she had complexes concerning her thighs and arms.

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