This weekend, Seth Rogen stars in a quasi-comedy about a friend having cancer titled ’50/50.’ Two years ago, Seth Rogen starred in a quasi-comedy about a friend having cancer titled ‘Funny People.’ As a result, there is actually a genre of film now called “Seth Rogen’s friend has cancer.” So, is the Adam Sandler vehicle at all like this weekend’s film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt? And, if so, which “Seth Rogen’s friend has cancer” film is better? Now that we’ve seen both films, let’s compare the similarities and differences of ’50/50′ and ‘Funny People.’

’50/50′: Seth Rogen plays Kyle, coworker and fried to nice guy Adam, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

‘Funny People’: Seth Rogen plays Ira, employee and friend to the kind-of-a-dick George Simmons, played by Adam Sandler.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: Involves a less complicated love triangle involving Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard.

‘Funny People’: Involves a complicated love triangle between Sandler, Leslie Mann and Eric Bana.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: For employment, the main characters work at an NPR type radio station.

‘Funny People’: For employment, the main characters work on ‘Yo Teach!’

Advantage: ‘Funny People’

’50/50′: Seth Rogen plays a likable stoner.

‘Funny People’: Seth Rogen plays a likable stoner.

Advantage: Even

’50/50′: A reference is made to the ‘Total Recall’ character Kuato.

‘Funny People’: A reference is made to the ‘Die Hard’ character Karl Vreski.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: Adam’s cancer does not at all mysteriously disappear, leading to some very human and raw moments.

‘Funny People’: George’s cancer just mysteriously disappears about a third of the way into the film.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: Adam uses his still existing cancer to get laid, once.

‘Funny People’: George uses his cancer to manipulate the feelings of his now married ex-girlfriend, even though he’s been cured.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: Former Max Headroom star Matt Fewer has a small part.

‘Funny People’: Sarah Silverman, Paul Reiser, Ray Romano and Eminem all have small parts.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: At the two-hour mark, the movie ended 20 minutes ago.

‘Funny People’: At the two-hour mark, you’re wondering how much longer this movie can possibly last.

Advantage: ’50/50′

’50/50′: Is a very good movie.

‘Funny People’: Is not a very good movie.

Advantage: ’50/50′

Winner: ’50/50′

(Runner Up: Yo Teach!)

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