American moviegoers seem to have fallen out of favor with the most famous foursome to every walk the streets of Manhattan — but will a teenage Carrie Bradshaw fare better at the box office?

The critically-panned Sex And The City 2 has only been in theaters for a week, but there is already talk of killing the franchise and replacing it with a revamped big screen adventure for Carrie Bradshaw –- this time starring a younger version of the fashionista coming of age in 1980s’ Connecticut.

Hollywood snoops tell E! News Gossip Guy Marc Malking that New Line Studios is interested in adapting Candace Bushnell’s SATC prequel The Carrie Diaries for the big screen. The Carrie Diaries, which hit booksellers’ shelves in April, chronicle the future bed-hopping columnist during her teen years. The young adult novel has been so well-received, Bushnell is already working on a second book to add to the series.

“Sure, the ‘SATC’ sequel didn’t open as big as the first flick did, but whatever. Studio execs aren’t about to let go of the Carrie franchise anytime soon because the sequel has already made $90 million worldwide,” an E! source said. “People are still having fun with it. Of course they want the teen years.”

Sex And The City 2 — the sequel movie based on the hugely popular television show — opened third at the North American box office over the Memorial Day weekend and earned $36.8 million.

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