It turned out that Shannon Price  and Gary Coleman were married when he signed everything over his wife in case of his death.

As a result, Price has become the sole heir of his estate. It was added by Coleman in the document dated September 2, 2007, he decided to do so because he loved her very much.

Apart from property, bank accounts, as well as other earnings, Price gets Coleman’s model trains, toys, and games. As a matter of fact, Gary was an enthusiast of lifelong model trains and spent a lot of time tinkering with his collection.

It turned out that Price asked the court to revoke the authority of Dion Mial, the former manager of Coleman over the affairs of actor. Price said that Mial and Coleman became estranged after the actor started to live in Utah. Also it became known that Mial altered the locks on the Santaquin home. It is the home which Price was sharing with Gary.

But a freeze was put by a judge until June 14. Next hearing will decide who will take care for Gary after his death. In fact, his funeral plans are pending.

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