Shannon Price, Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, has petitioned a Utah court asking a judge to formally recognize her as heir to the late child star’s estate.

Price wants a judge to recognize her common law marriage to Coleman, 42, from the date of the divorce through his death. Coleman died May 28 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Documents filed in 4th District Court last week on behalf of Shannon Price say she and Coleman continued to live together and represent themselves as married despite their 2008 divorce. Shannon — who has been accused of selling interviews and photos of a critically-ill Coleman on life support — is seeking the declaration as part of the ongoing battle over Coleman’s estate.

Multiple wills address the estate, although a note handwritten by Coleman days after his 2007 marriage names Price his sole heir. However, Coleman’s ex-girlfriend, Anna Gray, contends a 2005 document awards her the estate.

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