People loved him for being blunt, straight-forward and sarcastic. Simon Cowell once again proved that these characteristics are not just for show every time he judges the contestants in American Idol. In a recent interview, Simon Cowell directly said the reason why is leaving the said show. Cowell simply got tired and American Idol became boring for him.

During his interview at the Oprah Winfrey show last Thursday, Simon Cowell can no longer hide the real reason why he have to leave.

The 50-year old Idol icon told Oprah Winfrey that there comes a time that he sits there and becomes bored. Then he would think that at every episode of the American Idol he was not paid to look bored and the audience surely does not want to see a very dull Cowell. He said that the crowd deserves all the entertainment that they can get. However, he can’t seem find ways to fake his boredom which really shows in episodes.

At the same time, Simon Cowell admitted that the show was too much pressure. So much pressure that he already felt drained especially he knows that a lot of people were relying on him.

Cowell will already have a next project on the X Factor. This is another reality show for singers but quite different compared to the American Idol.

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