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Beware all those South Pacific fans….the best version ever to be released on DVD is on its way. For reasons no one seems to know America is the last country in the world to see the 2 disc edition of this classic movie musical. Writing from Australia where the special 2 disc edition has been available for some time, my suggestion is to wait for the real thing –it is worth it. The early edition which is the only one available on American Amazon is and has always been poorly adapted to DVD. The new version is finally 16.9 widescreen version and, wait for it, there are two versions and the second one is superior in that it is the complete 171 minute version of the film, uncut at last with scenes just about nobody (unless you were privy to the original roadshow screenings in the fifties in the States)has seen. You will see things that always seemed peculiar to me suddenly make sense (although, strangely the uncut version of “Wash that Man” remains lost, now probably forever)But this is a real treat and add twenty minutes from the Ford Tv special starring the original Broadway casts, two expert audio commentaries on both versions and a 60 minutes special on James Michener returning to the islands one more time and you have something worth waiting for……IF it ever gets a release in the States that is..!!!!