There is good news for Hrithik Roshan’s fans as he will now get to see the actor speaking Spanish. The Hindi version of Anurag Bases’ Kites will be released on May 21 and then in English followed by the Spanish version later.

Confirming the release of movie in Spanish, Sanjeev Lamba, CEO of Reliance Big Picture, said: “Yes, we are indeed on the verge of closing a deal for a Spanish version of ‘Kites’. While the Hindi and English versions would cater to a mass audience across the globe keen on seeing Hrithik Roshan, we must not disregard Barbara Mori’s fan following in the Spanish belt.”

He added, “The only difference between the Hindi and English versions would be the length. Brett Ratner, who has edited the English version, took out all the songs and some of scenes which were seen too Indian in spirit. Otherwise both versions are the same in spirit. Our western audiences don’t have the patience to sit through lengthy foreign films. The English version is super-fast and snappy.”

Reliance Big Pictures is planning to beat the record of “3 Idiots” that opened with 1,700 prints in India with around 1,750 prints.

Lamba said, “We will release around 2,300 prints across the world. There will be 250 prints in the US and 100 in the UK.”

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