T-Moblie USA is going to stop selling its Sidekick mobile phones. But despite this decision the Sidekick brand will be kept alive.

Currently, the company is offering the Sidekick 2008 as well as Sidekick LX. Both devices will be pulled from all sales channels of T-Mobile starting from Friday. It is expected that the company will introduce a new generation of the product line.

Those customers that have Sidekicks will get support as well as service.

In 2002 the Sidekick was introduced by Danger. It broke new ground as a handset that offers AOL Instant Messenger and Web surfing, games, SMS as well as voice calls.

Danger was purchased by Microsoft in 2008, but despite this fact it still provides the online backup service for Sidekicks.

The Sidekick devices are developed by Sharp. It turned out that new devices will be available with new improvements.

According to T-Mobile, the company is going to offer to its customers a fresh and at the same time new experience. But David Henderson, a spokesman of T-Mobile refused to comment on the operating system for the new Sidekicks.

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