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Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto

Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto Movie HD

The further adventures of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of the Enterprise crew.

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32 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto

  1. yeah
    I think this film is very interesting, I've been watching it free here
    hxxp://bit*ly/2a5qWMD (Change the code XX with tt) (replace * with the code.)

    I really liked the scene in 20:22 minutes,
    I am sure you will like it, you should watch this film
    if you do not want to regret

  2. I see the film has plunged 69% in its second weekend.  I saw the film last week and I really don't think much about it other than the Great FX…(the regeneration of the the Enterprise in time lapse is amazing!!)….I got a feeling when the kirk, spock and McCoy were ready for the next voyage….well, I don't know…I said to myself: "lets not"

  3. I wanted to see the film as aStar Trek fan, but…. this doesn't feel like Star Trek. Kaboom after kaboom and then some romance. And seeing how Spock's version of the new character cannot keep a straight face makes you appreciate Nimoy even more.

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