The stars that will be coming at the Cannes Film Festival will be supporting Lindsay Lohan as she faces a legal turmoil.

During the 17th amfAR Cinema against AIDS, Reuters had the chance to have a small talk with singer Mary J. Blige. She said that she understands what Lindsay Lohan is going through and this phase in her {Lohan) life is extremely hard. She felt the same hardship but Blige thinks that Lohan is facing a more difficult situation.

Apart from her legal case, the movie industry was also expecting women like Lohan to look great on televisions and magazines at the same time. With the success that she is getting at a very young age, Lindsay Lohan is more pressured and many were expecting a lot from her.

On the other hand, Paris Hilton who also spent weeks in jail last 2007 because of violation in her probation gave Lindsay Lohan her support as well. The hotel heiress said that she just wish her former party buddy all the best and that hope that Lohan will be okay.

Recently, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t able to appear at the court in Beverly Hills. Because of this, an arrest warrant was issued to her, courtesy of Judge Marsha Revel.

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