The show may be ruining their relationships and any chance they have of showing their faces in public without prompting a succession of jeers and snickers, but the stars of MTV’s controversial reality hit Teen Mom earn more for just a few months of filming that many cash-strapped Americans bring home in a year.

A series insider tells Life & Style Magazine: “The Teen Mom stars earn $60,000 to $65,000 per season.”

(With bank like that you’d think Amber would feel a bit more comfortable venturing beyond the confines of the local Wal-Mart!)

This disturbing tidbit comes on the heels of the news that MTV is plotting a spinoff of the ratings-winning smash. Teen Mom, which follows the lives of unmarried teen mothers, is now in its second season. It routinely attracts more than 3 million viewers during its Tuesday night airings on the network — prompting producers to work on further capitalizing the show’s success. We hear the Teen Mom spinoff has already been cast and producers have successfully completed some of the on-location shooting.

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