Despite the fact that Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry split up in May this year after dating for four years, their little daughter, Nahla, remained above everything else for them.

So, they all gathered together for a family day this week and went to Disneyland to spend time with their precious two-year-old kid.

Halle Berry was seen in casual jeans and top. And Gabriel Aubry, a model, was carrying Nahla on his shoulders. The adults seemed to be at ease spending time together – they were chatting and laughing and their daughter looked absolutely happy.
A month ago when they ended their romance Gabriel was sad when he was giving his interview to the reporters. At that time he said that his heart was still overwhelmed with respect and love for his beloved actress with who he met in 2006 at the opening ceremony of a Versace store. The model confessed that Halle will remain the most beautiful and special person for him forever.

Their mutual friends comment that their lives will be interlaced till the end of their days as they have to co-parent and be the perfect parents for their daughter.

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