‘Suits’: Is Donna gone from Pearson Hardman for good?

donna-suits-season-2-sarah-rafferty.jpgHave you been able to stop crying after the epic, emotional episode of “Suits,” “Break Point”? While it was obvious there would be consequences to Donna’s mistake, it wasn’t clear that it would go this far. Our favorite assistant, Donna, is gone — but for how long?

As Sarah Rafferty, who plays the sassy secretary we all love, told Zap2it on the show’s Toronto set in May, the evidence error is is the first time Donna has been wrong and it totally throws her off. “I think that’s incredibly confusing to
her. I think she’s just always been right, but she’s really, really thrown.”

While “Break Point” featured plenty of awesome scenes between Jessica and Harvey and Rachel and Louis, the real heartbreakers came from the interaction between Donna and Harvey. The real-life friendship between Gabriel Macht and Rafferty is evident in their crazy chemistry, and could be one reason why Harvey’s confrontation made us cry so hard. But the real tearjerker was when he held the elevator open for Donna after Jessica fired her. Oy. There are no words.

It’s obvious Rafferty is still part of the show, considering Zap2it interviewed her in Toronto after “Break Point” was shot, but the whole Donna situation isn’t going to resolve itself immediately.

“I was told by one of the writers that it doesn’t really resolve for a few episodes,” Rafferty says, so “that that kind of lingering confusion and doubt and remorse are there. So that’s a great opportunity for that mask to kind of fall.”

What did you think of “Break Point”? Do you think Donna is gone from Pearson Hardman forever? How will Harvey function without her?!

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