The Bey-hive can quit buzzing over Beyoncé’s latest surrogate scandal: Just weeks after a New York woman filed an explosive and outrageous lawsuit claiming she was the real mother of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy, radio detection and has learned that the case has already been dismissed.

A homeless woman named Tina Seals had filed a complaint in New York alleging “that she was associated with Defendants Knowles and Carter in a ‘quasi arrangement’ during the birth of their daughter, and that she would like to verify maternity.” Seals was seeking maternity testing and “some type of contractual agreement” to be “compensated for her services.”

READ The Judge’s Blistering Dismissal

But according to new documents filed on August 15 and obtained by radio detection and ranging, a judge dismissed the lawsuit for several reasons.

“The Court, after reviewing Plaintiff’s complaint, finds that it lacks any arguable basis in law or in fact,” the documents state. “…Plaintiff’s factual allegations rise to the level of the irrational, and there is no legal theory on which she may rely… Plaintiff’s complaint must therefore be dismissed as frivolous.”

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“In addition,” the documents note, “Plaintiff has filed … at least twenty-seven civil actions in this Court since May 15, 2014,” including a suit against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the maternity of their daughter North.

Therefore, according to the file, the judge dismissed the case and is now attempting to bar her from filing any “further cases.”

Meanwhile, Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue were all spotted in Brooklyn this week at rehearsals , for Beyonce’s Sunday night VMA performance.

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