Scottish singer Susan Boyle has revealed that she has not given up yet on finding her soul mate, and also issued a warning to gold diggers.

Boyle, 49, said that she is not in any rush to find her soul mate though she would very much like to meet him.

“There’s still time to meet Mr Right,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“You can never say never to finding someone. But I do think it’s possible to be happy and to be on your own, you know. I’ve managed all these years just fine, haven’t I?” she said.

And of the men who are only interested in her 10 million pounds fortune, which is growing by the second, she has something prepared for them.

“If they tried any of that they’d get one of these right in the chops,” she jokes, slapping a fist into her palm with an audible crack.

“They’d only try that once, I can tell you,” she added.

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