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Oh, the internet. We love you, but you exist mostly for the purposes of evil. The internet loves taking advantage of people’s natural sensibility to believe just about everything they […] Continue reading 18 Of The Greatest Internet Hoaxes

Americans still can’t get enough of “The Charlie Sheen Crazy Train!” The celebrity meltdown that has captured international headlines while captivating the nation has hordes of Midwesterners forking over fistfuls […]

Save the Date, Royal Watchers: The Lifetime Network has tapped April 18 as premiere for its Prince William-Kate Middleton romance biopic, aptly-titled William & Kate, starring Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington in the title roles. In addition, Lifetime plans to debut the first of a six part one-hour documentary series which will examine the history […] Continue reading Lifetime Airing Prince William Kate Middleton Movie April 18

Start checking the mail: You may just be invited to a wedding at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner has set a date for his forthcoming nups to his 24-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris. The Playboy founder announced his engagement to the blonde on Christmas Eve and has set a date for his nuptials, which will take […] Continue reading Hugh Hefner Crystal Harris Wedding June 18

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy -You may want to keep an eye on your popcorn the next time you go to the movies in Harlem. Bedbugs are biting in at least two theaters in Manhattan…. -Frances Bean Cobain — the only daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love — turned […] Continue reading Thursday Mornin’ Crunch Crumbs: Frances Bean Cobain Is 18