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“I think films shouldn’t even be judged until 10 years have passed.”

Francis Ford Coppola said that in a new interview in Empire magazine (h/t The Playlist), and while it means we don’t get to really call Twixt a piece of crap until 2021, it is a good way to look at cinema. I don’t know if it’s necessarily good for us film critics, as… Continue reading If Movies Can Only Be Judged 10 Years Later, What Is the Best Movie of 2004?

Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins has revealed her plans to get married and start a family. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, she revealed her five-year plan, which includes walking down the aisle with long-term boyfriend Jake Wall and having a baby. “Kids and marriage and all of that stuff,” News.com.au quoted her as […] Continue reading Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins reveals marriage, family plans