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Having eliminated Hank’s granddaughter as his competition (here’s a “There, there.” card, Kaylie), Jack Donaghy is receiving the promotion of his dreams: He’s the new CEO of Kabletown! In the third-to-last-ever episode of 30 Rock, which airs at Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC, Jack (Alec Baldwin) is flooded with congratulatory goodies from all sorts of folks, including Liz (Tina Fey). As you will see in the clip… Continue reading ’30 Rock’: How does Liz congratulate Jack on his promotion? — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Tina FeyCindy Ord/Getty

Speaking about her 30 Rock makeup artists at Thursday night’s New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women awards, Tina Fey spoke of the ladies’ ability to accomplish, well, anything.

“Over the last six years they’ve turned Tracy Morgan into a werewolf, turned Will Forte into a beautiful Jane Krakowski and they’ve turned Jane Krakowski into no less than three men… Continue reading Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the Impossible

NBC’s award-winning comedy 30 Rock will celebrate its 100th episode with a super-sized one-hour special airing Thursday, April 21 (10 PM). “A new corporate boss, a star in hiding, and […]

Gary Winick — an pioneering independent film lensman who found mainstream success with his romantic comedies 13 Going on 30 and Letters to Juliet – lost his battle with inoperable […] Continue reading “13 Going On 30″ Director Gary Winick Succumbs To Brain Cancer

Susan Sarandon is set to make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of NBC’s Emmy-winning comedy 30 Rock. The sexy sixthsomething will pop up in an episode titled “Queen of Jordan” that is expected to air on March 17, TV Guide has learned. For now, Susan’s role is unspecified, but the plot eppy is […] Continue reading Susan Sarandon “30 Rock” Guest Appearance March 17